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Did I really wish for a good cry? How cute…

A good cry? HAH! I laugh in the face of a good cry. I don't do 'good cries'. I do forced-march-blind-with-pain purges.

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This is better?

I'm not so numb. Why was numbing was necessary?  Because it worked. Why is it now not so necessary?  I'm guessing, because it's not. About a week ago, I spontaneously started to shed the need to numb.  I had a pleasant conversation with myself about this habit but I didn't set out to change it. … Continue reading This is better?

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Beautiful: A Good Dr.

The 7 Stages of Learning to Live with Being Bipolar: 1. Acknowledge it 2. Accept it 3. Deal with it 4.  Embrace it 5.  Re-deal with it 6.  Revel in it 7.  Incorporate and make it a resource. Repeat as necessary. 1…. I have a good Dr.  Not a great Dr. but a good Dr. … Continue reading Beautiful: A Good Dr.