2011 Occasional Posts

Dementia Dreams

Last night, I dreamed that I was simultaneously an evil mass murderer, the determined and confused detective, the bewildered and terrified murder victim and the victim's anguished lover.  When caring for someone with dementia, you are all those things at once, all the time. I've only spent one full day here in company with my… Continue reading Dementia Dreams

2011 Occasional Posts


I'm out of the habit of writing every day and I miss it.  When I think about blogging, my head swims with all the 'catch-up' posts I'd like to write.  My heady rush of excitement about blogging quickly spirals into a mish-mash of muckity-muck. I recently yelled at someone that one of the miracles of… Continue reading Writing

2011 Occasional Posts · Significant Stuff


My new friend Jean sent me a link to a presentation given by a very witty and wise woman.  Holy crap - it's 20 minutes long.  I absolutely cannot watch something for 20 minutes.  Maybe if I read my email at the same time and send a few out myself, then I can let this… Continue reading Vulnerability