About me and this blog

Hi.  My name is Susan Scot Fry. I’m a middle-aged, California transplant living in Wisconsin.

My ‘day job’ is gloriously full as the founder and Executive Director of Shakespeare in the Park in Milwaukee, WI. We produced our first show in 2010 – which must have been an auspicious year to kick off big things since I also started this blog the same year.

It began as “561651_4563784582582_1770097608_nA Year of Significance”. My challenge was to post something every single day of the year. These posts were deeply honest reflections of my life journey – questions – growth – funk – aha’s – happiness – ouchiness… whatever. I did it. One post every day. It was life-changing.

I learned many things. Some stuck. Some, I keep learning over and over.

Going forward from  2010, I found I had more stuff on my mind so I kept up with occasional posts.

This blog is not my personal journal. It’s not for my self-edification. I write about what I’m experiencing but it’s written for you to read. It’s my love letter to you.

Thanks for tuning in.


3 thoughts on “About me and this blog

  1. I may make comments or excerpt entries here as I go through the year and evolve my perspective and hopes for this exercise…

    (from January 5, 2010)

    Today’s Significant thing is like all the other days. The focus today doesn’t indicate completion. Things are not all wrapped up in a convenient episodic package. I hope that by choosing something every day, that I am enhancing my repertoire and putting more and more in motion. That’s good. I like that.


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