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My Dog Elliott Scot Fry Taught Me …

Run to the door and wag when someone comes over.  Then bring your toys and enthusiastically ask them to play with you.

Take poops on walks.  Stretch after a really, really good poop.

Don’t let the cat get between you and your meds or whatever it is that makes you feel better.

Wait for permission and then eat with gusto.

Take point when hiking.  Stop and check over your shoulder every once in a while to make sure your pack is still together.  Wait for them to catch up.

Stay close when the pack asks you to.

Try your best.

Attend every gathering you can and sit up straight on your chair.

Listen and try to do what your pack wants you to.  It’s okay to do it more slowly as you get older.

Never hold a grudge.

Be gone when asked but not too far away.

Pick a pack member who emanates love, sleeps soundly and has a big bed to curl up with.

Do your job with utter joy and expect a reward.

Schlorp your water.

Keep secrets.

Treat every experience like it’s the first time you’ve done this wonderful thing.

Try to be brave when getting your nails trimmed even though it really really scares you.

Try to understand and then enjoy it when your pack laughs at how hard you are trying to understand.  Tilt your head because it makes them laugh harder.

Play piano for grandma.  You get lots of treats when you do.

Smile at people at the drive through window.

Run down the stairs to greet your pack whenever any one of them comes home.

Love your kennel.  It’s your home and it’s safe and it’s yours.

Love your toys.  Have lots of toys.  Share them.  Tease your pack with them.  Run after them.  Chase your pack with them.

Go With.  Nothing is better than Going With even if it’s just to run errands because there may be a walk in it somewhere and even if there’s not, you got to go with.

Don’t beg.  But remain ever convenient in the kitchen just in case someone oopses something on the floor.

Don’t hesitate if someone oopses something on the floor.

Remember the places that are important to you like the river, and Grandmama’s house.

Don’t get underfoot in the horse stalls.

Run with your pack and don’t stop running until they do.

Come whenever someone calls for the cat.

Forgive yourself when you eat garbage.

Sleep with your head on someone’s knee.

Occasionally stick your nose out the car window, chase a squirrel or pee on a fire hydrant so that your pack can have fun pointing out that you’re doing something cliche.

Run across the field like crazy with a huge smile on your face to get Mommy or Daddy.

Hold hands.

Stay close.

Guard your pack.

Inform your pack whenever there’s someone at the door, if someone has ever dropped a hotdog, or if there’s anyone in Milwaukee.

Know ‘far enough’.

Air conditioning is great.

Give the kitty lots of room unless he starts batting at you then that means he wants to play and you can run around and around him like crazy.

Know how to ‘heel’ but not quite well enough.

Wait until you’re told you can have the treat but then don’t hesitate.  If you learn to balance the treat on your nose or jump up in the air to get a treat, you get more treats.

Be happy and excited to meet and sniff other dogs and then be just as happy to continue on your own way when it’s time.

Sniff everything.

Check your pee-mail.

Love your collar and all it’s bling.

Get the paper.

Chase bubbles.

Be a champion champagne cork retriever.

Romp in snow.

Carefully open your presents when it’s finally your turn.

Morning cuddles or rolling around playing crazy bed dog are the only ways to start the day.

Meditate every day under the dream catcher over Mom and Dad’s bed – even if they call it napping.

Learn new things your whole life.


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