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Beautiful: A Good Dr.

The 7 Stages of Learning to Live with Being Bipolar: 1. Acknowledge it 2. Accept it 3. Deal with it 4.  Embrace it 5.  Re-deal with it 6.  Revel in it 7.  Incorporate and make it a resource. Repeat as necessary. 1…. I have a good Dr.  Not a great Dr. but a good Dr. … Continue reading Beautiful: A Good Dr.

2012 Occasional Posts · Significant Stuff

Beautiful: Rant and Resources

Frustration = $13M for Scott Walker's efforts to fight his recall + Shakespeare in the Park struggles to pay our cast and crew. We make it because individual humans like Kris, Dan, Ruth, Pam, Heather, Konrad, Jean, Barbara, Chris, Char, Edie and about 100 others gift us with whatever they can spare. Without the willingness… Continue reading Beautiful: Rant and Resources