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Beautiful: What I CAN Do OR Do I Really Need Another Mage-Skull O’Doom?

I have zero appreciation for what I CAN do.  Conversely, I compulsively obsess about what I CAN’T do.  Or rather, what I can’t do yet.  Or, even ratherer, what I’m not as good at yet but swear I can get better and would really rather be doing.

I make me crazy.

Here’s the game:  (Everybody play along.  Please include the terrible grammar usage because that’s how I really talk.)

“Hey, Someone-Other-Than-Susan.  Nice sweater.  New?  I need to do this amazing project but I’m stuck.”

“Hey, Susan.  Thanks.  $1.99 at Goodwill.  Oh dear.  What’s sticking you?”

“All the stuff I’m not great at.”

“Are you doing this amazing project all by yourself?”


“Well.”  (insert eye-rolling and audible sighs)

“Yeah, but I’d rather do all the stuff that I’m not so great at and none of the stuff that I’m really great at.”


“Because when everyone I know does that stuff I’m not so great at, it looks like they’re having so much fun and I want to have fun, too.”


“Okay yeah but if I mostly do the stuff I’m great at then I loose martyr points too and I’ve almost got enough to cash in for a mage-skull o’doom*.  Level 20.”





(*Apologies in case a mage-skull o’doom actually exists in someone’s universe.  I meant very little disrespect.)


2 thoughts on “Beautiful: What I CAN Do OR Do I Really Need Another Mage-Skull O’Doom?

  1. Susan – do you know how many people you help by admitting that you have problems too? Just remember that no matter what you are going through, when you post, you help a bunch of people. So ha – something else you are good at!!


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