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Beautiful: Walk

I have this (almost) burning desire to walk 100 miles some time this year.  A pilgrimage to honor my 50th birthday.

Why not 50 miles then?  Not tough enough.  Yes, yes – that does sound like a bottom-lip-out, pugnacious, posturing sort of attitude but I honestly don’t feel that way.  I’ve taken on progressively tougher things in my life and it’s been a rewarding trip.  Sometimes, it’s more like trip and fall and put ice on my bloody nose, but it’s always eventually laughable.  Even my divorces, work failures, and secrets that I’m not ready to air.  Eventually.  After years sometimes.  But the ability to inevitably laugh at it all (sometimes with a sideways grimace) is a companion on this life path.

I’m also thinking of creating my own training calendar.  An homage to faith in my experience and resources.

I’ve have lived a life absorbing, experiencing, and dissecting all sorts of great and ignored guidance.  I feel comfortable taking those pieces and turning them into an effective puzzle picture.  Deadlines, good shoes, vegetables, wine, companionship, detailed goals, lots of water, body glide, and the level of my dog’s happiness are all in the magic pouch.  Reach in and grab a handful even when I’m sick and tired of it all.  Especially then.

I mostly love having a personal, selfish dream that I’m working on fulfilling.  What a delightful gift to myself.

First, we mull and plan.  My birthday isn’t until October.  How about September?  Where’s my calendar?




4 thoughts on “Beautiful: Walk

    1. Thank you, MaryNell. I’ve started looking for on-line training resources. If I lived in the UK, I’d have it made! They are all over long distance walking. Not so much in the car-enamored USA. I feel confident, though.


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