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Beautiful: Feet

I have beautiful feet.  Really.  They are lovely.  They are one of my very favorite attributes.

I wear a size 11 shoe – which is such a good thing.  At 6′ tall, I’d topple over without a good base.

On both feet, the 2nd toe is the about same length than the big toe and they have this really thick toenail.  I earned those toenails when training for my first marathon.  My orthopedist told me that it’s not uncommon for the predominant toe nail to get really thick from being rubbed inside your shoe so constantly.  You know, like when training for a marathon.

Sometimes my ankles swell, which serves to remind me to use my feet more frequently.

I think the little toe is longer than the one next to it.  Which is great because I can use the help with balance.

I’m frugal when it comes to clothes – except for shoes.  I adore shoes with purpose.  Hiking, running – you know, stuff that makes my feet happy.  Shop for clothes at Goodwill and put my money on my feet.  That’s my philosophy.

My feet are 49 years old today.

For my birthday, I am reveling in beauty.  Not just my feet – although, hey, who could blame me?

I’m also reveling in the beauty of hindsight.

We all look at photos of ourselves from years past.  Except for that period in high school when we were actually quite beautiful but it was on the inside, we’re universally amazed at how attractive we actually were.  We are never as fat, pock-marked, poorly dressed, and unlovable as we thought we were at the time.

Today I’m reveling in the foresight that that hindsight offers.  This next 12 months, I’m going to live my life appreciating beauty now – not when I look at photos a year or 20 years later.  There is beauty now.  There is perfection now.

It’s delightful.

Like my feet.


Susan Scot Forty-Nine Year Old Feet Fry


2 thoughts on “Beautiful: Feet

  1. OH, sigh. Dittos and dittos.
    From your friend with an equally solid base…it’s funny you add the perspective you do because I’ve had a life-long torturous relationship with my size 11 feet. Shoe shopping, buying clearance off the rack, basketball shoes and more–all trying experiences. Yet, like you, I now revel in shoes and will spend good money on them–for all the reasons you mention.

    And, also, I have a personal fetish with my feet. I do think they’re lovely. I like their angles and bends and if asked by some body image psychologist to name the parts of me I like, “feet” would be a top answer. What is that?

    Thanks for the added insight that more parts of us than just our feet are worthy. Stunningly excellent perspective that really hit home for me not just because of the foot fetish we share 😉
    Happy Birthday, Susan!


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