2011 Occasional Posts

Hello Mundane Madness Day

And, boy howdy!  Was this day ever a rip-roarin, rootin-tootin, snor-o-rama!  Or as my friend Michi says, a “Llamas-Ramadan-a-dingdong day”.  Which, frankly, makes everything better.

The excitement started when I remembered that our final report for the Wisconsin Arts Board is due today.  “Phweet!  Phweet!  Phweet!  All Hands On Deck!”  I swung into action, drafted Ron to write the narrative and madly crunched the numbers.

Uh, yeah.  woot?

Several mind-numbing, slightly panicked hours later, it was done.

Now, people who know me are shaking their heads in amazement at the subtext.  “Susan waited until the day something was due to even start on it?  Where’s my locust spray?”

It’s true.  I did have a calendar reminder to get started on it 2 weeks ago which I promptly ignored.  A swift click and drag to another no-man’s-land In Box and I didn’t have to see that pesky reminder again. I didn’t actually delete the thing and did also have a back-up reminder that prompted today’s adventure in last-minute-ness.  But, still it’s a wee bit unlike me.

Like loosing my keys.  Which I’ve also done.  As in now.  It is the current state of affairs.  I have no flippin idea where my keys are.  I never loose my keys.  They’re a big mass-o-jangliness and rather hard to miss.  And yet, there you have it.  Gone.

I accused Fry of trying to gaslight me today and then had to explain what that meant.  I may have just given him ideas.  Which is just peachy.  Fry with ideas.  Shudder.

So, my penance for forgetting to start the WAB final report 2 weeks ago was to reconcile the Optimist Theatre bank statements this evening.  After all, I had it coming.  Time to take my medicine.  That should larn me.


Significantly and Optimistically,


(Have you seen my keys?)


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