Significant Stuff

December 30, 2010

The roses on my desk are 1 1/2 seconds past peak but “Here Comes the Sun” is playing via my iPhone on my Pandora Beatles station.

Passages should be marked and I’m considering how to do that well.  Part A is to acknowledge the heartache.  mmmm… yes, there it is.  It feels a bit like indigestion, but I can tell the difference.

Part 2 is to say hello and goodbye to you all and to realize that it’s not hello and goodbye.  I’ll still blog, but this particular, daily, significant focus will draw to a close after tomorrow.  61 folks read my blog yesterday.  On December 15, I had 177 hits.  Who are you people?  I’m not advertising, you know.  How do you find me?  And why?

Well, thanks.  Really, thanks.  Really, really thanks.

Part C… I’ll think about that today.  Tell ya later.  When I know myself.  Count on it.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… I thought about it and it’s going to take me more than just a day.  Or perhaps that’s just my psyche stomping her little foot in pique.


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