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December 29, 2010

It’s a Caper Company day.  Yes, that’s right.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a man who works for a company that manages several historic buildings in downtown Milwaukee.  They’re iinterested in ghost tours.  A mutual friend from the theatre world recommended me.  Should be fun.  Today is a research day into one of the most delicious old buildings – an old theatre.  I wish I had my research partner, Char with me.  Or my partner, Jenni.  She’s gone fewer times but is still like a canary in a cave – especially with her camera.

The possible tour gig isn’t what’s significant, though.  Oh, it is because it’s a gig, but it’s not ‘big picture’ significant.  What’s significant is that it is probably the first case of my not making this happen.  It came to me.  Several months ago, I put it out there into the universe (channeling my inner Shakti Gawain) that if Caper Company was going to go forward, I needed a partner.  We took care to do a good job with our final big project – the Port Washington Ghost Walk – and then I moved on to focusing full time on Optimist Theatre.  A month later, there’s this email in my IN box.

If a sign that you’re learning is that you stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, then I’m learning.  My life is about projects.  It’s about incorporating the many things together that create a whole.  I’ve wanted for so long to be absolutely and utterly devoted to one single pursuit.  As if the expression of success was to be obsessively devoted to one life focus.  Guess what?  That’s not how I operate.


I hate doing the same thing every day.  I must be inventing something new.  I must be shaking up the box and seeing what rattles this time.  Everyone who knows me is yelling, “Well, Duh, Susan!  We could have told you that!”

So, long-term life success is going to be a series of projects.  The goal is that they grow and evolve over time.  Here’s what’s REALLY next:

Will-Ness – A lifelong dream of NOT just healthy living, but having a blast at living.  That’s the truly WELL thing about this program.  I’m excited about crafting a physically healthy life with a focus on fun.  It’s about damned time that fun become a priority in my life and I’m itching to get on with it.

The “Play On!” winter fundraiser party for SITP.  Yes, we did a winter fundraiser party last year, but this year, I’ve delegated stuff like crazy to people who are far better at doing these specific jobs than I am.  How freaking awesome is that!  Holy cow, I need to get that invitation letter cranked out…

Ghost Tours with Partners.  How the heck did I end up being a ghost tour guide?  I’m actually such a skeptic and yet I find myself in situations that I can’t explain.  I love ghost stories and I’m intrepid, ergo…  Let’s see what happens with the downtown Milwaukee historic buildings.  Or maybe expanding to another Haunted Harbor Town in addition to Port Washington for Halloween.  Who knows?  But, it’s part of my life success story.

That’s the real answer to What’s Next.  It will never be just one thing.  I’m not a one thing girl.

Speaking of having a blast at living, I have purple streaks in my hair now thanks to my good buddy Amanda.  And, I LOVE them!  It’s about time, too!


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  What a great day.


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