Significant Stuff

December 23, 2010

We had some early morning running around to do and I just got back.  We cut it short because I hadn’t blogged yet and the itch was driving me nuts.  I guess when you do something every day for 356 days, it becomes a habit that’s hard to bend or break.

A Year of Significance has 9 days to go.  I already know what I’m going to transition into, but am debating how to best go about doing it with this blog.  After this morning’s experience, I know that it won’t be easy.

A year of doing something every day has ingrained the habit.  My “What’s Next” is another year of doing something – of pursuing a life goal that needs to become a life habit.  It’s about becoming a truly healthy human being.  That sort of transformation has been a dream of mine my whole life.  I finally feel prepared to make it happen.  I can train for a marathon in 6 months – twice.  I can keep a daily blog of the significant things that I’m doing for a year.  I can commit to a year of health.

It’s not sexy, but it is real.  It’s not entirely selfish either because I’m devoting the effort to also raise awareness to Shakespeare in the Park and I’m doing it with an ever-growing team of compatriots.

It is symbiotic.  It’s not a short term project.  It’s going to be life-changing and lasting.

I’ll tell you more later.  For now, I’m getting on with it.  After all, no matter what, I still have to show up for work.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… I guess that’s my new modus.  Tell a little and then ponder the rest.  Tell a little more and then…  I’ve learned that people who state their dreams as fact impinge their credibility when what they say was going to happen doesn’t happen.  That used to happen all the time at a former place of employment.  People had wonderful ideas and they’d be so excited about them, that they’d be stated as definitive projects.  Unfortunately, the background work on how to turn the idea into a reality hadn’t been done.  The person who had the idea was so enthusiastic about it, that they blurted it out before it was time.  They didn’t do it to be mean.  But, it did eventually undermine my ability to believe anything they told me was going to happen.

This is something super significant that I’ve learned this year.  Personal credibility is earned and there are earmarks to it’s foundation.


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