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December 22, 2010

A fuzzy head?  That’s the perfect time to carefully craft a compelling invitation complete with complex … oh, I can’t think of a ‘C’ word for math.   Calculations!  That’s it!

A fuzzy head, also = too bleh to go back and edit the above paragraph for less-lameness.

Randomness prevails.

What does The Door card mean in the Novus deck?  It’s like a Tarot card, but the Novus (apologies if I’ve massacred the name) series was invented by a friend who lives here in Milwaukee.  He brought a deck or two and put cards in people’s Sinterklaas shoes.  I got The Door.  Probably fate since I’m outrageously attracted to Jim Morrison.  Oh, I can’t even write that as a joke.  I appreciate Jim Morrison, but have got nothing for him.  Dead, you know.

Sponsorships for the Will-Ness program hit $2,928.69 this morning.  Holy crap.  I’m lagging behind on getting my own personal sponsorships.  Been processing everyone else’s sponsorships and am so happy that other Participants are kicking butt.  That means that our average sponsorship value is $77.07 – but Steve got some HUGE ones, which skews the averages.  For the rest of us mortals, the average sponsorship is about $50.00.  Which means, getting an invoice every other month for $8.33 until it’s all over in a year.  Heck, I should just sponsor myself.  Even I can afford that.  If that math is right.  Uh-oh…

We got flowers delivered yesterday from a family who came to Krampus.  We’d invited a couple and then his Mom had some hospitalizing health issues, which brought some more family into town.  Mom took a turn for the better and the family really needed to be surrounded by happiness for a few hours, so the original couple turned into a party of 5.  By all accounts, Krampus was just what the Dr. ordered.  I have to say, I was honored and flabbergasted by how that all worked out.

So, let’s see…. I’ve randomized on Novus cards, the Will-Ness Program and Krampus.

What’s next?

I think I’ll do good things today.  Maybe ask for some more sponsors.  I’d LOVE to crack $3,000 before we kick it off on 1-1-11.

Stop me before I randomize again.

Too late.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… And, no matter how sick you are, you still need to show up for work.  Yup.  Cold meds, yummy.


4 thoughts on “December 22, 2010

  1. I met the the family with the mother on the mend and it turns out, she had been talking about me that day! We have a marketing connection and a connection of sorts through the Pfister thing… it was a totally random stroke of fun to bump into them and then feel even more connected to the community because we had some people in common. She laughed about it, teasing that they were party crashers in the first place! Random rocks !


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