Significant Stuff

December 19, 2010

Bacon – round two.  A house full of friends.  Starting in the kitchen then hanging out in front of the fire with juice and coffee.  Our final member is up and out of bed, so it’s time to start round two of bacon.  And pancakes.  This makes the Krampus equivalent to Boxing Day, “Bacon Day”.

Looks like, from the leftovers, we will be eating a ton of junk over the next few weeks.  Speaking of junk, today I will resist the urge to clean up post-Krampus debris.  Although I can’t stop myself from picking up cups.  Those red cups are like bunnies.  They multiply and hide in the oddest corners of the house.

More sleep is in order.

So, let’s see.  Today’s significance is already happening.  Bacon and pancakes with friends post Krampus party.  Resisting the urge to clean.  A nap in front of the fire later.

mmmmm… simplicity.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… How did those cups get stashed there?  Oh well.  Happy Bacon Day!


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