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December 18, 2010

If you want a clean house, throw a party.

Someone pointed out to me once, that the reality is that if you want to clean your house twice, throw a party.  Quite true.

Our last Krampus – Sinterklaas Holiday Party was in 2008.  After the Krampus Run, I swept up salt from all floors of the house up through the spring.

We were blessed with some highly over qualified stage manager type friends who had spent the night that last party.  So, when we got up in the am after zero sleep, the kitchen had been cleaned and bacon was cooking.  It will be a slightly different overnight mix this year, but there will still be bacon on Sunday morning.

In 2008, Marc LuPescu came to the party.  He wore his sport jacket and hung out in his gnarled, quiet Marc sort of way.  When he was done with the party, he left.  No goodbye’s.  Not his way.  I stole the broom from his shop at the faire after he died, so there’s a small Marc presence still here.  It’s by the tree, hanging out in it’s gnarled, quiet Marc sort of way.

Looking at the list of RSVP’s for tonight, I realize we didn’t even know half of these people in 2008.  There were a lot of faire friends then.  There are still some tonight, but the emphasis is on friends, not on the situation in which we met.

I predict that Becky will tell me that Elliott is nosing around in the shoes under the tree and we’ll shoo him off.  Then, she’ll see him doing it again and email me photographic proof later.  My dog is pre-busted, but it won’t stop him.

The mix of people coming tonight is diverse.  I predict that they’ll all have plenty to chit chat about, though.  That’s a constant through line with our friends – new and old.  They know how to mix.

I predict that something surprising and delightful will happen tonight.  In 2008, it was Scotty bringing DIY Night Before Christmas and having the group read it aloud.  He’s bringing it again tonight.

We didn’t do Krampus in 2009 because we didn’t feel we could afford it.  We can afford it even less in 2010, but have discovered that’s highly immaterial.  The excitement of going to bed and not being able to sleep last night was like being a 6 year old on Christmas Eve.  We’ve discovered that the Night Before Krampus is a time for our personal childlike anticipation.

Merry Sinter-Krampus-Claas.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… Almost as much as the party itself, I love the morning after when people have crashed overnight.  It’s like The Big Chill.  Coffee, bacon, pancakes and the opportunity to have actual conversations with folks.


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