Significant Stuff

December 17, 2010

I am contrary by nature.

I was in a board meeting yesterday and we were voting on grant applications and budgets.  All good stuff.  All well thought out and worthwhile.  I soooooo wanted to vote nay.  Just because.  We’re going through the appropriate procedure, following all the rules and forms.  There’s a call for all approved.  (Yays!) There’s a call for all opposed. (Silence)  I had to bite my tongue.

It’s just me.  I have that sort of contrary humor.  It would have shocked the snot out of the other board members, but they wouldn’t have seen the joke.  They wouldn’t have laughed.  They would have had to start over again and no-one wanted that.  (Okay, Dan might have gotten it, but it’s a board of a dozen people…)

In my late teens, I joined in a regular Friday night D&D game and attended for about 6 weeks until I just couldn’t stand it any longer.  I have no patience for that sort of minutia.  I wanted to rush in like a bull in a china shop and I kept getting killed.  I started doing stupid stuff just to mix things up.  My compatriots were armored and magicked up and had intrigues and enterprises.  Me?  I carried nothing with me but a big, dead swan.  It was the ultimate in practicality.  If I was hungry, I could gnaw on it.  If I went into battle, I could whack creatures with it.  And, carrying around a dead swan, people left me alone because they thought I was nuts.  I’m sure I annoyed the hell out of the other players and they didn’t miss me one iota when I stopped going.

Once, at a gathering at a friends’ home after a funeral, I was standing with a group of other friends waiting for him to arrive.  There was a lull in the subdued conversational hubub.  After a beat, I suggested that when he walked through the door, we all yell “Surprise!”  There was another beat and all my friends got this gleam in their eyes like they really wanted to do that.  I had to quickly retract the suggestion.

Poke that bear, Susan.

So, yes I am contrary by nature.  I can resist the impulse to futz with the parliamentary procedure.  I can absent myself from stifling situations before I totally alienate my fellows.  But, sometimes I will give in to the overwhelming urge to yell “Surprise!”

I gotta be me.  Poke, poke, poke…


Susan Scot Fry

Update… I am considerate, though.  I try not to hurt people’s feelings.  Sometimes, I’m a little shocking, but…


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