Significant Stuff

December 16, 2010

Every day is not significant.  Moments are significant.  Days are made up of dross and brilliance.  They contain extreme focus and clarity and they also contain monkey brain.  Every day is a continuation and a do-over.  Will I be evaluative or instinctual?  Both.

What’s truly significant overall is that every day, I try.

This morning, I’ve opted to ignore some stuff.  I’ve emailed a friend about breakfast fun on Sunday.  I’ve made a list of stuff I’d like to get done today.  I’ve watered the tree.  Moments.

That’s what’s significant about today.  It’s not a day, it’s moments.  I’m living them and they’re good.  I hope yours are too.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… Yeah.  Good moments yesterday.  Most of the moments in which I was truly aware of were outside my comfort  zone.  Those moments when I was out of my depth or in which I floundered a bit.  Funny.


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