Significant Stuff

December 15, 2010

I didn’t set the alarm last night and my morning rituals are out the window.  I wonder what the day would be like if I continued to ignore those patterns.  I have a meeting today at 10:00, so I need to get to that.  It’s in my consciousness, though so maybe…

I just remembered my dreams from last night.  Flowing from one scene to the next…

I met Jim a little over a year ago.  He asked me if I wanted to grab coffee at this local club.  It was a place where all the actors in town hang out.  I was surprised by the invitation, but it was so much fun.  I was surprised that I recognized a lot of the people at the bar.  They were engaged in all sorts of impromptu antics.  You know, actors.  Sheer delight.

Next, everyone is watching a video screen.  My friend Susan decided to make a video about bullying but everyone else had already made a video about bullying and no-one was paying attention anymore.  So, she decided to do her video topless from a swimming pool.  I looked around and everyone was paying attention.

Last one I remember, I dreamed that my friend Linda was in a car wreck.  I was driving along, saw her huddled on the side of the road and didn’t realize something was wrong until I’d passed her by.  I turned around, came back, hugged her and called for help.

Perhaps that’s what happens when I allow my consciousness to relax.  I remember vivid details of my dreams.

What else will happen?


Susan Scot Fry

Update… In dreams, you are everyone and everything in your dreams.  Which adds a whole new dimension to figuring out what it all means.


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