Significant Stuff

December 10, 2010

It’s been a significant day already.  I’ve had a great conversation with someone who is joining the Will-Ness Program team and have scheduled a meeting with another person about a special event ghost tour of some historic Milwaukee buildings.

So, the Will-Ness Program.  It’s my new obsession.  And, as is the case with most new obsessions, it’s whirling around my head more than allows for conversational clarity, so I blather and get this glazed looks from people that I try to explain it to.  Oddly enough, there are 7 of us in the program already, so I must not be totally incoherent.  I didn’t set out to recruit a single one of them either.  I needed to talk about how the idea might work and they volunteered.  Except for the lady this morning.  She heard about it and approached me.  Mind-bendingly delightful.

And, apparently Caper Company has a life of it’s own.  This gentleman contacted me after getting a bug in his ear from a mutual friend.  We’ve started talking about producing a special event where guests get to do ghost tours of 3 really high-profile and very spooky historical buildings here in Milwaukee.  If this comes to fruition, it would be hugely cool.  I’m sure that I’ve just jinxed it all to heck, but eh.

In the meantime, this morning it’s time to play a game.  It’s called, “How fast can I get this done?”  I’ve got holiday tunes on Pandora and a looooong list in front of me and it’s time to get chunking.  I wonder what other significant things will happen today?  It’s kind of fun to allow myself to be open to surprises versus trying to steer this ship all the time.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… In retrospect, it was fairly fast.  But, I’m hauling around so much bulk that it could have been faster.


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