Significant Stuff

December 9, 2010

I’m heading out the door in a few to a 4-hour marketing class.  In order to get the most out of a class like this, it’s important to have a specific marketing task in mind otherwise the info imparted is received with no filter.  It’s a huge time saver to be able to funnel the generalities offered into specific actions as it’s being absorbed.

I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of Shakespeare in the Park project options:

Marketing ticket sales for the winter fundraiser that we’re having on February 12th.

Placement and marketing for the Printfection on-line store.

I’m leaning toward the winter fundraiser.  It’s got the most ‘bang for the buck’ potential and year 2 for Shakespeare in the Park will be almost twice as expensive as year 1.  That’s not an exaggeration.

Most people shy away from marketing because there’s this used car salesman stigma associated with it.  It’s different when the project being marketed truly lives in your heart.  I believe in Shakespeare in the Park.  To help turn that belief into reality, I need to sell, sell, sell.

What?  Shakespeare in the Park is art and we shouldn’t have to sell art?


Yes, Shakespeare in the Park is art.  It’s also heart and love.  It’s also attempting to survive in a country thriving with competition.  Competition for business.  We don’t sell tickets, but we do employ a lot of people for a couple of months.  That costs money.

It may be extremely un-sexy to admit, but it’s life.

The closest thing to ‘free money for art’ are grants.  If you think that’s free, you’ve obviously never seen a grant application.  They may not be designed with the purpose of winnowing down the contenders, but that’s one of the things that happen.  I consider ourselves to be fairly bright and aware human beings and boyo was the grant application a learning process – one at which we seriously sucked in the beginning.  I’m so thankful for people who helped us early on.

Anyway…  Marketing Class.

Yes, I think I’ll focus on the Winter Fundraiser.  It was a great party last time.  It will be again.  Let’s go learn some new skills that I can apply to the effort.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… I’m so glad that I pre-decided what to focus on.  Immensely helpful.  Now, I need to digest my notes into an actionable plan.


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