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December 1, 2010

I had a fascinating experience yesterday.

Optimist Theatre received a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board for Shakespeare in the Park 2011.  One of the activities that’s required as a grantee is to publicize that fact via press release and letters to elected officials.  Makes sense to me.  It’s great news and worthy of making direct connection to the people and institutions who helped make the grant possible and who can help share the news with the community.

We drafted a nice letter and then got so involved in prepping merchandise, reading our new Equity contract draft, creating cash flow projections, figuring out when to hold auditions, etc., etc., etc. that the letter hadn’t made it out the door yet.  A good friend dropped me an e-note that she had a little bit of time in between the day job and picking up her son from childcare and could I use a quick hand with something.  Hey!  The letters!

She popped by the house, looked up addresses, and whipped them all out in about an hour.  They’re on my kitchen table, signed, sealed, stamped and ready to go out today.  No hoopla, just help.

Wow.  No hoopla.  Just help.

Got anything you need me to do?  Yes.  I’ll be over this afternoon.  No hoopla.  Just help.


I get stuck on the hoopla part.  How can I ask for help with no hoopla?  How can it be that simple?

Last night, another friend came over to the house early for a group meeting we were going to have that evening.  She asked if there was anything that I could use a hand with.  Hey!  We need some addresses researched.  Here’s the list.  She whipped out her laptop, started an Excel spreadsheet (mmm… spreadsheets….) and went to Google-town.

No hoopla.

No ‘forever’ commitment.  No all-consuming project.  No grand proposal.  No emotional appeal. No dread.  Just Yes, Thanks.


I’m inspired.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… When I start thinking of projects as bite sized pieces, there’s a ready list of things to do at all times.


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