Significant Stuff

November 30, 2010

Guided meditation last night was good.  It’s a monthly meet-up group that gathers in a Christian setting, but the content of the guided meditation was non-religious.  Based on conversations with other meditatees last night however, I believe that most of the people there had a connection to Christianity.

I’ve happily gotten past my early, funky religious indoctrinations.  During the process of examining the dogma that requires women to wear dresses, never cut their hair, and to submit to their husbands will first and foremost – even if their husbands are ignorant dickweeds –  I questioned everything.  As a result, I decided that it made no sense.  My instincts actively rebel against the idea of worshiping a human shaped deity.  Frankly, it’s even less palatable when that human deity is an oppressive male figure.  Or when the female counterpart only exists in the pantheon because she gave birth to the male.  Not for any accomplishment of her own.

Nope.  Not for me.  Far too limiting.

I believe in the divine, female and male included, but not exclusive.  My concept of divine spirit has no human shape other than the occasional time when my imagination conjurs one up, primarily for the sake of conversation.  It’s much easier to have a mental chat with a lady in a flowered mumu than a gaseous vapor.  So, yes, my version of prayer sometimes involves mental images of someone who looks a lot like the “Mother Nature” character in the 1970’s t.v. commercials about Parkay margarine.

I have many family members who are Southern Baptist, fire and brimstone, speaking in tongues, devout.  We don’t get each other at all.  I question everything.  They seem to me to fiercely fight against questioning anything.  Their religion is one of exclusion and judgment.  It’s got to be tiring to maintain.

If the traditional Jesus / Mary structure is your comfort zone, then the place I hung out for a while last night is great.  A female Rev.  Peaceful, focused on contemplation and true personal connection with their understanding of divinity.

It’s funny, but I didn’t think twice about writing this blog and I have many Christian and Catholic friends.  I believe that the lovely lady Rev. who leads this guided meditation at the Center for Light occasionally reads this blog as well.  I think that these spiritual people in my life will be mostly happy for me to have some sort of relationship with the divine even if I don’t structure it the same way.

Thanks.  I’m happy for you, too.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… I remembered some of the good times with those very same relatives who are so religious and it was nice.  My first memories of them are usually of the repressive atmosphere, but I do also remember being so glad to get to go visit them when I was little.  They were the source of ‘family’ solidarity, and I appreciated it.  I remember their judgment of my mother, too.

Families.  You take the good with the bad and hope for the best.


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