Significant Stuff

November 18, 2010

The most significant thing I can do today is get outside my head.  It’s murky in there.  Today is a good day for getting on with it.  And yet, that’s also the hardest thing about today.  I’m not lazy, I’m confused.  I’m full of energy for getting on with it, yet… Getting on with which task?

This is the 3rd start to today’s blog post.  I keep typing and erasing.  In between, I’ll open 4 other browser windows and research stuff.  Then, I remember that I need to post, pop back over here and erase what I’ve written.

You ever have days like that?

It is time to stop typing or this cycle will just continue.

Okay, right here and right now, I am simplifying.  Yuck.  I sooooo want to complicate things.

See me stop typing.

Right now.



Susan Scot Fr

Update… Days like this just happen and we do our best.

Of course, it’s that part after the word “and” that makes the difference.


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