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November 17, 2010

Today is our 9th anniversary.

Ron surprised me this morning by asking what I remembered doing (if anything) this morning 9 years ago.  It took some thought and prompting.  He wasn’t even there and I needed his help to partially reconstruct that morning.  My buddy Dre would probably remember, but I was in a fugue.  Thank god, I’d already given my credit card to Linda McFeters, who took care of every last minute thing AND even got the corkage fee knocked off.  It’s good to know people with skills.

Our wedding party…  What an exceptional cast…

Ann-Elizabeth Shapera – Officiant

Linda McFeters – Matron of Honor

Tim Ferguson – Best Man

Diane Leo – Bridesmaid

Randall Anderson – Groomsman

Jenni Glueckstein – Flower Girl

Peter McFeter-Stone, led by Buffie Stone – Ring Bearer

Deirdre Sargent – Father of the Bride

Hillary and Rachel Fry – Givers of the Groom

Stephen Geis and Sandy Wood – Stage Managers

Sandy Memmel – Photographer

Brian Leo – Videographer

The Consorte Bella Donna, Directed by Stephanie Lewin – Music

Charles Sommers – DJ

Mo Dease – Wedding Cheesecakes

… and Ron and me.

Thanks for marrying me.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… We don’t have many traditions, other than attempting to somehow observe major life events.  The content of that observation changes constantly.  For our anniversary, I think Three Brothers is becoming a tradition.  It’s an odd sort of gift to ourselves.  Not only is the food excellent, but the bigger gift is not having to think of something to do together.  It’s the gift of no effort yet a guaranteed lovely time.


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