Significant Stuff

November 15, 2010



It reeks of desperation. It is a source of shame to everyone who indulges in this crass manipulation.  I am horrified that the city of Milwaukee is having it’s Christmas parade and tree lighting ceremony this Saturday.  The ONLY reason to do it is to try to eek out an extra week in the Christmas shopping season.

That is pathetic.  To what depths have we sunk?

What about Thanksgiving?  Huh?  My house is still decorated with autumnal oranges and browns and it will remain defiantly so until December 1.

We will indulge in turkey gluttony, visit family and friends and between November 26 and the 30th, we try with all our might and a ready t.v. remote control at hand to flip from the deluge of Christmas advertising.  I’d better change the remote batteries so that they’re fresh and fast.  Maybe we’d better play it safe and just not turn the t.v. on at all for those 5 days.


Our neighbor left his lights up from last year, but he’s about 70 years old and gets to.  He will probably turn them on soon, too but the dog and I can take our walks on another block for a few weeks.  I can work around it.  But everyone else is on notice.

Oh!  And while I’m on my soapbox, it’s Christmas.  It’s not The Holidays.  It’s Christmas.  No, this is not a religious rant or I’d be going on and on about the winter solstice, but I do know that the Christian tradition is the machine driving this upcoming season.  I refuse to pander to the PC illusion.  My Jewish friends don’t, so why should I?  Heck, most of my Jewish friends put up trees!  Why not?  They’re pretty!

Okay, that’s a whole ‘nother blog with many perspectives, but I have had 2 cups of coffee this morning.  As soon as my heart stops racing, I’ll consider feeling a wee bit introspective.  Until then….



Susan Scot Fry

Update… Okay, I’m a little sorry for going off on calling the season “Christmas”.  I understand there are people in the world who do actually feel a particular religious affinity for the celebrations that occur at this time of year.

My point is, call a pig a pig.  If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, sounds like a pig, was fathered by a pig, was born of a pig, it’s a pig.  It’s not bacon or high deliciousness.  Okay, yes it is, but not without transmogrification.


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