Significant Stuff

November 14, 2010

Ron and I were very excited about a possible business direction.  Not only are the long-term financial projections good looking, but we were going to be able to work with someone who has logged well over the 10,000 hour mark in her area of expertise.  She is a person we were excited about working with.  You know the type.  Life is better when they’re around.

Very sadly for us all, life for her needs to go in a different direction and working together isn’t in the cards any more.  It’s not her fault or ours.  Although, I confess that I’d really like to kick the snot out of someone.  I’ve never met the man, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling intense animosity for someone who’s continuing to fuck up other people’s lives.

On our end, we’re out of time and need to make some decisions now.   On Tuesday we’re meeting with someone who has expertise in market research.  Maybe he can give us some advice.  If his advice is to try to find someone else with that level of expertise, that will be a challenge.  We’ve been spoiled.

It’s like the little cartoon my Mom used to carry around in her purse.  It’s got one vulture talking to another vulture and the caption reads, “Patience, my ass.  I’m going to kill something.”

I am my Mother’s Daughter.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… This morning, I typed in http://www.word, hit the down arrow and the enter key.  The url usually comes up at the top of the list and I can save a couple key strokes by selecting it this way.  I don’t even look until after keying ‘enter’.  This morning, for some weird reason, a photo of Pema Chodron came up on a Buddhist website.

Yesterday, I played the game with myself where I gave advice to someone who needed to cut through the crap and figure out what to do next.  It required me to grab the dog, load up in the car and fortify with Alterra coffee first.

Last night, Ron started reading out loud from a book by the Dalai Lama during commercial breaks for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  We chit chatted about what he’d written.

Serendipitous reminders of the deeper meanings of life are lovely.


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