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November 2, 2010

Please Vote.

What I really want to write is please don’t vote for Scott Walker for Governor of Wisconsin.  It’s not because of his economic policies or stiff personality.  This is a one-issue-deciding-vote for me.  Scott Walker has publicly stated that he will work diligently to eliminate a woman’s right to reproductive choice.  In other words, he’s anti-abortion.  This matters to me.

I feel a burka rant coming on. There’s a mass of righteous indignation broiling around in my chest right now.

How dare you, Scott Walker?

And yet, I suppose I should thank you.  Your stand on this particular issue provided crystal clarity in a Pants-on-Fire Politifact world of muddled messages.  Yes, indeed.  Thank you for making a specific, clear statement of one belief.  This, and your opposition to the rail line between Milwaukee and Madison, is just about the only distinction between you and Tom Barrett that I feel qualified to evaluate.

Yes, there are far more distinctions, but it’s hard to truly see them.  Each candidate talks about the economy.  Each candidate points fingers.  Whatever.  After all the ranting at each other is done, I, like so many other voters, would also like to have someone in charge who will fix the mess.  It’s a mass of opinions on how to do that, and because I’m not an economist,  I have to try to find something else about the candidate to believe in.  Beyond that, it’s personality.

I don’t particularly care for Scott Walker’s public persona.   He comes across as condescending, smug, sarcastic, cold and as though he believes that any means that gains his end is perfectly fine.  So, thank you Scott Walker.  Thank you for giving me a clear cut reason to vote for Tom Barrett.   Tom Barrett is a nice guy.  In a world that needs the Rally to Restore Sanity, I’m voting for the nice guy.

And, I’m voting for the guy that will not take away a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… I’m kind of surprised that I didn’t loose any facebook friends over this post.  I’m not at all surprised that Scott Walker won the election.  We’re in a backlash.


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