Significant Stuff

October 29, 2010

It’s another…


Blessed, is what it is.

I’ve already learned so many lessons in this process.  Now it’s time to focus on letting the ghost walks be huge fun for everyone – myself, the guides, the ghost walkers, the town.

What a gift it’s been to hear each guide’s take on the ghost stories.  Every one of us has a different connection and perspective.  Jenni, Char and Ron are excellent storytellers.  I’m in awe.

Tonight, Edie is cemetery sitting for us.  Tomorrow night are Steve and Steve and Sunday is Melissa.  Amazing.

Renee is going to hang out with us all weekend just to check people in and make sure that people are taken care of.

Char, Edie, Jenni and I are going to have gobs (goblins?) of fun with the Jr. Ghost Hunters on Saturday and Sunday.  OMG, I can’t wait to see the little kids in costumes!!!

I’ve got a brand spanking new iPhone so we’ll know up to the last minute if any new reservations come it.  But, really I hope people just walk on in.  All are welcome.  Well, Saturday’s pretty full for the first 2 tours….

I know, this blog is sounding like a sales pitch, but that’s really not the feeling I’m trying lamely to express.  It’s this glow of gratitude.  Pretty amazing.

I love Halloween.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  WOW!  What an experience.  Learning every minute.


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