Significant Stuff

October 28, 2010

There’s a person in my life who is bound and determined to remind me that the world is not all about what I want.    I say here and now that I believe that everyone’s life is all about what they want. Sometimes, you need to be inclusive and sometimes you’ve got to drive it.  It’s all the same path.  Right now, I’ve got somewhere to go and need to be energetically paddling.  Why is it so important to you to stop me?

A toddler had to toddle.  We all go through the process at the time and manner in which we need to go through it.  Let me.  I’m not a threat to you.  I’m not harmful or dangerous.  I’m not a destructive or bad person.  I’m not going to harm anyone you love.

Is it this blog?  I write it.  (me, I, me, I, me….) It’s about the significant things I’m pondering, pursuing, hoping, wanting, creating, eliminating, and trying.  I can only write it from my perspective.  I’m not preaching to convert.  I’m not telling anyone that this is the way things should be done.  This blog moves these thoughts beyond my head and puts them out into the universe.  It’s part of my evolution.  If you read this, it’s as a witness.  Often, I’m discovering, people who read this blog are pondering their own significant things in life and we may be on a similar growth path.

But then, I suppose that commenting on whether I’m doing it right or wrong is how some people connect.  There are people who offer their insights and perspectives and there are people who just plain want to correct me. I confess an irritation toward the latter.  Be honest – who wouldn’t?

Here’s the significant thing.  I want to be grateful for both.  I’m not saying that I am grateful – yet.  I’m saying that if someone is motivated to put themselves out there, that there is not a requirement that I agree with you.  But, I do have a requirement of myself to let you.  It’s only fair.



I don’t have to like what you say or how you say it.  But, I need to defend your right to say it.

How can you tell it’s the right thing to do?  Because it’s the hardest choice.

Okay, go ahead.  Give it your best shot.  And bless you.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… This will continue to take work and that’s good.  Being able to honestly appreciate another perspective without automatically validating or rejecting it or being diminished by it is a gift.


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