Significant Stuff

October 25, 2010

I’ll be 48 years old in a couple of days.  Thank heavens!  I’ve been telling people I’m 48 for about a year now.  Not trying to mislead anyone – I honestly forgot.  Besides, 48 is such a nicer number than 47 and this way, I get 2 years of it.

If I had to pick a Best Year, I think it might be 1999.  It was year of hell and turmoil, but was also the year I fell in love with Ron Scot Fry and we traveled to England for the first time.  All the other stuff – divorce, moving across country, starting a new job – fades.

Oh, 2005 was pretty rockin, too.  I ran my first marathon.

2010 will end up being a mind-blowingly amazing year when all is said and done.  We launched Shakespeare in the Park.  I learned that Caper Company is capable of growing from one year to the next.  I will have lived a whole year of significance.  I guess that 47 years old has actually been pretty good, so far.  Makes me want to party.

What should I do on Wednesday to celebrate?


Susan Scot Fry

Update… Yesterday, my buddy Susan wrote to me via Facebook:

“Just made 45 on Friday! I took Doug Kondziolka’s advice: did something silly, danced, shared love, had a drink – and Gregg bought me a video camera & tripod for a video project I’ve been planning for years! So add: take a dream forward.”

I wrote back:  “Take a dream forward. That’s it. Right there. I didn’t know it, but I was looking for permission. I even know the dream.”


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