Significant Stuff

October 20, 2010

Ok Go has a video on YouTube called This Too Shall Pass.  Click on the picture to see it.  It’s a jaw dropping Rube Goldberg homage.  It’s also the perfect remedy to being too far inside my own head.

Speaking of getting out of my own head and into the light…

Last night, I dreamed that I was eating miniature zebras.  Just popping them in my mouth and crunching their tiny, little bones.  I knew it was disgusting, but I couldn’t stop.  I didn’t notice that I had almost eaten them all until there was just one left in its little pen.  It looked so sad and lonely.

Oh crap.  I hate (in that love-hate-annoying kind of way) consciously thinking through my dreams.  The messages are inescapable.  Once I get it, I’m responsible for doing something about it.  Because I’m me.

I know what’s next.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… This is the handiest phrase ever.  Ever, I say!


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