Significant Stuff

October 14, 2010

Today is the deadline for a yay or nay on a Christmas event entertainment proposal that was requested of me.  Which means, I’ll know by tomorrow.


I don’t have a gut feeling one way or the other but will be happy to move on or move forward regardless.  It’s nice to not be emotionally invested in this project.  It’s cool, would be a lot of fun, and is right up my alley.  But, my soul will not be crushed if it doesn’t happen.

I much prefer the work I’m plowing through for the ghost walk project right now.  Other than the fact that it will be fun, it’s a chewy challenge.  I love sharing ghost stories with people, and am decent at crafting an audio script for the self-guided ghost tours, but this is live.  I’ve got plenty of practice scheduled and am working my way through that rehearsal process – but it’s still a rehearsal.  Rehearsals are tough.  You stumble and mumble and try to remember blocking at the same time.


This process is also a reminder / twist on a life lesson learned several years ago.  I was talking with a buddy a few days ago about how to tell if you’re doing the right thing.  Usually, we’re called upon to do the right thing when there’s a potential conflict or a hard decision to be made.  That’s how you can tell.  The right thing is always the hardest choice.

Well, how sad.  This perspective is going to build in a flinch response after time.  Who the hell wants to always choose the thing that hurts the most?  How twisted is that?  It’s also a pretty narrow definition of ‘hardest choice’.

The hardest choice can be like this rehearsal process.  It can be a time for reveling in how badly I start out at doing something and how I get better and better with more work.  That’s amazing. That’s magic.

So, doing the right thing may indeed be the hardest choice, but it’s not always destructively painful. It can be fulfilling and a source of pride.  I might stop a wee bit short on saying that it’s fun.  Now, that’s twisted.



Susan Scot Fry

Update… Well, no news = no.  I’ll do a courtesy follow-up anyway.  A professional actor I know explained how it works when you audition and it applies to this as well as many things.  You audition and the answer is No unless you hear otherwise.


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