Significant Stuff

October 11, 2010

… an ant can’t moooove a rubber tree plant, but she’s got …

(Everybody sing!)

High Hopes!

(As off key as possible.  Now like a British aristocrat.  In a whisper.  Now with a big jack-o-lantern teeth-stuck-together grin on your face.)

Okay, that was fun.

I have been gifted with a lovely, healthy rubber tree plant from a neighbor who is moving and can’t take it with her.  It now lives upstairs in my office where I hope and pray I don’t kill it.

I love plants, but they need consistent care.  Consistency is not a big attribute for me.  I live much more roller coaster like.  I think I do, anyway.

Of course, from the outside, I may seem the very model of consistency.  No?  Well, at least I’m consistent.

I have High Hopes for today.  I’m going to nail down some people on some things.  No actual nails need be used, but I’m prepared with them just in case.

I’m going to finish a couple of badly needed documents – the Jr. Ghost Walk mystery quest sheets (DONE!) and the RSVP confirmation forms (ALL 4 1ST DRAFTS DONE).

I’m going to start the outline for “What’s Next.”  I’ve been brainstorming.  Even on days off, I can’t help it.  That’s the difference between punching a time clock and pursuing an avocation. (COULDN’T QUITE MAKE IT THERE TODAY)

Okay, these are manageable goals for a single day.  Especially when I’ve got High Hopes.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… “Done, almost done and too far off the focus” = a good day.  I think that “thought about it, totally crapped out and changed my mind” should also = a good day, though.


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