Significant Stuff

October 6, 2010

Today, I will create the outline for the ghost walk.

The routes are done.  The ghost story research has been recorded and distributed to the people leading the tours.  Posters are up.  Online event listings are underway.  Some tickets have already been sold.  We’ve got people who will monitor the cemetery for us.  Lots of stuff.

Today, I will eliminate the temptation to read a script to people on the tour.  I will create an outline for us to work from.

I know me.  I like a script.  It’s much easier to just read to someone.  It’s a crutch.  And infinitely more boring.

Today I take a stand against being a talking head.  I will trust that I know the material and create the outline that will keep us on track.  Be strong, Susan.  Be strong.

We’ve all got them.  These fall-back, comfort zones.

Not today.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  Success.  Perhaps a little too successful.  Right now the outline instructs me to say some stuff at each place.  Maybe it wants a little more flesh than that…


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