Significant Stuff

October 3, 2010

Today is full of possibilities.

I have a game I like to play.  If I name an activity out loud, I have to do it.  It’s like magic.  All I have to do was say it out loud and voila.  No more paining over whether or not to do the things I want to do.  It isn’t only permission, it’s a commitment.  It’s one of the rules of the game.

I’m thinking of aaaallllllllll the things I might do today and am keeping mute.  This magic is precious.  It also requires that it be used.  That’s another rule of the game.  I have to say something.  I’m going to extend it to typing too – which is essentially the same thing.  It’s putting ‘it’ out into the universe.

Let the game begin.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… This wasn’t nearly as radical as it could have been, but I did everything I said or wrote.  The power of conscious determination.  Yeah.


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