Significant Stuff

September 22, 2010

I saw an article in the paper yesterday warning us all about the #1 real killer of women.  Symptoms include swollen ankles and insomnia.

Age?  Age is the #1 killer of women?

How do you battle that?  What kinds of herbal or vitamin supplements can we take to combat Age?

Is there an exercise regimen?  Meditation?

Does the Medical College offer classes?

Diet?  Yeah, there must be some sort of fruit or vegetable that will do the trick!

Support groups?  Of course, there must be support groups.  Or at least a 12 step program.

What about the kids?  And families of women who are dealing with Age?  We can’t ignore the collateral damage.  The second hand smoke victims of Age.

There must be an intervention process for women who refuse to face Age.

Oh wait!  They were talking about kidney disease!

What a relief.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… My kidneys failed last night in the form of swollen feet and ankles so I put them up on the ottoman, had a beer and watched Masterpiece Mystery on PBS.  They probably would have failed earlier in the day if I hadn’t walked down to Brady Street to meet some folks for lunch.

Funny.  I’m not one of those people (stereotypically, women) who fudge their age.  I usually add a year to my actual age by mistake.  But, I’m enjoying thinking of the aging process as kidney failure instead of the loss of circulation that leads to swollen ankles and feet.


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