Significant Stuff

September 16, 2010


Goal:  Stop the mortgage drain.  Action:  Choose a tenant. – PROGRESS

Goal:  Start getting the word out about the Halloween event.  Action:  Call my web designer and figure out a new plan if he’s unable to meet today’s deadline. – PROGRESS

Goal:  Stop the miscommunication before people act on it.  Action:  I will make some phone calls to set some things straight. – OPTED FOR EMAILS INSTEAD but now the balls are in their courts.

Goal:  Lay the groundwork for future booking gigs.  Action:  Finalize the entertainment menu for the resort. – FIRST DRAFT SENT and well received.

Goal:  Research a possible ‘What’s Next’ business.  Action:  Look into B&B licensing requirements. – CHECK

These are do-able, but I’ve got to get on them.

Wish me luck.


Susan Scot Fry


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