Significant Stuff

September 13, 2010

No more waiting = taking responsibility for every single aspect of my life with no excuses.  How fubar is that?


That means that it’s up to me to decide what the best course of action is and to take it.  Being personally responsible also offers some parameters, which are kind of nice…

A) Can I do it myself?

B) Who’s the expert who can teach me how to do it myself?

C) Who’s the expert that can do it for me by the deadline we agree upon?

That’s it.  Those are the choices.

Now, to follow another tenet that always leaves me in good stead:  Begin with the end in mind.  If I marry one of these approaches to this focus, what will happen?

Hopefully, an actionable, productive plan.

What’s my end goal today?


Susan Scot Fry

Update… My end goal yesterday was to do everything on the duplex in Racine that I could do myself.  Check.  Now, for a deadline on the other repairs…


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