Significant Stuff

September 8, 2010

Dig in and get dirty.  That’s what today’s all about.  Our temporary tenant has hit the road and it’s time to get into the duplex and do some more work on it.

I love days like this.  There’s something so satisfying about looking back at the end of a day and seeing the physical results.  When I know why I’m exhausted and filthy.  It’s harder to feel that when I’m in laptop-land all day long.

In computer-troll world, I notice the passing of time and need to think back and mentally inventory the day’s accomplishments.  It’s all good.  There are accomplishments, but the hunched-over-a-computer sort of day is disconnected.  How odd.  We think of it as being connected, but unless I’m on Facebook or something of that ilk, I’m much more out of touch.

I’m not the only PC (or Mac) Monster in Milwaukee.  I’m sure there are many other data and dream crunchers out there.  How do you break it up?  What do you do to ensure a modicum of sanity?

Today, I’m abandoning the home office and taking up the toilet brush.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… A day full of physical labor is not as satisfying when I do it alone.  Pooh.


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