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September 4, 2010

I just deleted my original post because in the process of writing it out, I figured out the answer that I was seeking.  Hang on…  I think I have the preview of the post that I can copy and paste.  What the heck!  I’m going to share this with you anyway.  Here’s what I wrote …


I have an idea (see September 2….).  But, there’s an aspect that might just be the ‘drop dead’ point.  The rest of the idea has such potential merit that I owe it to the idea to ask other people what you think.

Please forgive me for jumping into the middle of it with no preface or conclusion.  Let’s just assume that the process could lead to wonderfulness for Shakespeare in the Park and focus on the stepping stone that’s at issue.  Or could be an issue.

Have I lost you yet?  Of course not.

This idea involves participating in an activity that is typically done out of doors.  This activity would be at regular periods of time over the course of a couple months.  This has the potential to be fun – and all kinds of cool stuff.  Here’s the potential drop-dead issue.  This would need to happen during winter.

Yeah.  Ick.  Winter in WI can be a horrendous time to venture outdoors.  I would have a hard time personally motivating myself to get outside and I’d need to lead the pack.  I’d do it, but would anyone seriously go along?

So, that’s the issue.  In order for this idea to work, we need a plan that will enable people to achieve the regular work that cumulatively leads us to the big payoff.  If the answer is “Have an indoor alternative and roll with it from day to day” then that leads me to wonder where that indoor alternative could be.


That’s as far as I got before I realized, THAT’s the answer!  There are indoor locations that we could tap.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… Typical.


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