Significant Stuff

August 31, 2010

Workdays, I listen to swing music.  From Frank Sinatra to Anita O’Day.

Evenings, it’s classical.  Loves me some Bach and Grieg.

Weekends, I like to tune in native music.  Various cultures.  The more echoey horn, the better.

In the car, it’s sing-along time.  Then, it’s whatever I can find in 60’s to 90’s pop-rock.

I don’t have an in depth musical knowledge but I do have favorite genres.  I also, obviously, have a structure.  Every once in a while, someone introduces me to an artist that clicks and they get blended into the repertoire.  (BTW, thanks for the intro to Guillaume Dufay, Chris.)

I consider myself a dabbler.  A dabbler in the company of extreme non-dabblers.  Most of the people I know who have an interest or hobby have an intense relationship with that interest or hobby.  History, costuming, gaming etc and, most definitely, music.  My geek-strength interests pale in comparison to most of my friends.  I may have built a road trip out of visiting Amherst, MA and crafting a thorough Emily Dickinson exploration, but once it was done, it was done.  I moved on to other stuff.  Emily is part of my life, but that’s about it.

Even as a dabbler, I ‘get’ having an intense interest in something.  The fascination that leads further and further into total immersion.  I’ve even felt a twinge of envy at being able to get so totally into something.  There seems to be a blissful nirvana that can happen.  A catharsis.

Music offers a mini-catharsis.  It smooths out the rough edges.  It sets a tone and tempo.  But, don’t ask me about who I’m listening to at any point in time.  Chances are, I’d have to look at the t.v. screen.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… True to form, yesterday was swing music all day long.  I like listening to it via digital cable t.v. because every once in a while, I look up and read about the artist.  So, I’m learning at the same time.  Okay, so what I’m learning are names and palatable factoids.  But, it’s something.


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