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August 28, 2010

Today feels full of possibilities.  So much so, that it’s a little intimidating.  Like the day is calling a challenge to me.  A pass-fail option, but I won’t know I’ve either passed or failed until it’s over.  I won’t have any hints while I’m on the path.


Funny-ha-ha and funny-ouch.

The bar was set last night while listening with rapt delight to a new written work that a buddy is in the process of crafting.  The bar was also substantially depleted last night, but happily he brought the two best bottles with him.

I’m not a natural storyteller, but I have great appreciation for those folks who can do it.  It’s a talent and a skill.  Being able to merely talk is not sufficient qualification.  And, I’m setting myself up to do just that.  To be a live storyteller. Our friend who shared his work last night has the gift.

Recent experiences have taught me that I do have an ability to passionately take people on a journey with me if I trust myself.  If I put down the outline and refrain from my talking head comfort zone.

Perhaps it’s these exceptional illustrations – our friend, my experiences, my appreciation for the skill and my upcoming need to walk the talk that has me feeling the challenge.  Makes sense.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… I’m feeling more confident all the time.  Organizing things – check (sorta).  Being front and center – I can do it.  It’s just not usually where I’m needed most.


2 thoughts on “August 28, 2010

  1. Me, I’m a ridiculously poor storyteller. I’m envious of those who do it well, and I revel in their skill.

    I’m glad you’ve the courage to go forward, though you doubt your talent. I, though, don’t doubt you for an instant.


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