Significant Stuff

August 24, 2010

This evening, we’re probably going to finalize the play selection for next years’ Shakespeare in the Park.

It’s Optimist Theatre day, today.

But, before then, there’s an insurance snafu, IRS notice, board meeting to schedule, donation receipts, mailing list database, intern evaluations, MAB final report…

Tip of the iceberg.

I finally floated the frozen tundra off my tiny desk to a shelf behind me.  I can reach back and grab the next thing on top of the pile and not notice that it doesn’t ever seem to get any shorter.  Yes, I’m smiling as I write this.  It honestly doesn’t bother me.  I’ll kick in, kick out as much as I can and try to do first things first.

I have this huge stack of hats on.  Admin – Decision Maker – Peacekeeper – Visionary – Wheedler – Coffee Maker – Public Speaker.  It’s a fun gig.  All the hats have to stay on at all times, too.  I envision them in various styles and colors.  Some have feathers or sequins.  Some are ratty and some still have the Minnie Pearl price tag on them.

Going up and down stairs is an adventure.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  IRS done.  Oddly painless.

Update… Insurance snafu cleared up.  Far less confusing than I suspected it would be.

Update… Internship evaluations done.  Only partially painless.  First draft of next press release done.  First draft of letters to our elected officials done.

A day full of Optimist Theatre – priceless.


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