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August 23, 2010

Today is Timeline Day.

Pretty exciting, huh?!

It means I’ve got too many projects / potential projects on my plate and need to create a big, single timeline so that I can work on them concurrently.

My first inclination is to look for a project management software package, but I think I’ll go uber low tech first.  A giant drawing pad and post-it notes.  And sharpies.

This raises the risk of having 2 calendars.  How to sync?

This must be one of the dullest posts ever, but it’s pretty significant to me.  Life isn’t compartmentalized into one project and then the next.  Embracing that they overlap significantly opens up more possibilities.

Okay, okay, now I’ve crossed the thin, blue line into mind-bendingly boring.   Tap, tap, tap on the microphone.  Hello?  Is there anybody out there?

Uh-hum.  Yeah.


Susan Scot Fry

Upate…  After giving in to the temptation, I flirted with various project management / timeline software and programs.  Then, I drove to Target and bought poster board and post-it notes.  I already have a rainbow of sharpies.

I believe in a No Tech approach that requires my hands to actually touch something while I work it through.  I want to see it on my wall.  You know those times when it looks like you’re just staring into space, doing nothing?  If you put your ear next to my ear, you will hear gears turning.  I want to stare at this poster board…

Bonus!  When I went to Target, I ran into my friend C, who reads this blog.  Hi C!  Thanks for the nice words!


One thought on “August 23, 2010

  1. Try google calendar. You can set up calendars for each project and see how they overlap easily. You can also send or invite others to contribute to specific ones. Have fun making your time map!


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