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August 14, 2010

It’s Historic Brewer’s Hill Rummage Sale Day!

I love to rummage.  But, oddly enough, I’ve always been the rummager, not the rummagee.  Today changes all that.

I’m glad that the previous home owner left an old picnic table behind because Ron is using all our tables at the parade workshop.

Let’s see.  What else…

Stuff – check

Change – check

Table – check

Sign – check

Slave Labor – partial check.

Hotter than hell day – check and double check

I used to really enjoy working retail a million years ago.  I worked in a Waldenbooks for 4 years right around college age.  I’m a displayer from way back.  Used to bring props from home to create all the in store displays.  My boss was this tiny little spitfire who terrified me.  Even now, I can’t walk through a bookstore without straightening.  I kid you not.

Hope today is fun.  Let’s see.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… Flu – check.

I remember a one-weekend Renaissance Faire that I worked about a million years ago.  I was in partnership with a ceramacist and he made little whimsical creatures.  I set up a cart and sold from the cart over the weekend.  It was fun for about 2 hours and then I wanted to kill myself.  Unfortunately, I was stuck.

So, lesson learned.  I’m a rummager.  I’m a go do it and move on kind of person.  I’m not a stay in one play and do the same thing over and over every day kind of person.

I knew this about me already, but the rummage sale yesterday was a microcosm and intense reminder.


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