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August 9, 2010

Getting home a day early from vacation is like a little gift.  All my to do’s are scheduled to start up again tomorrow, but I get to get a head start on the m today.  Just a little toe in the water.

How sick is that?

Almost as sick as I am.  Yeah, we’re back early because of a shnasty upper respiratory infection.  Ron already went through this a few weeks ago – and is still on the tail end of it – and now I’m playing catch up.  Man, that was a good vacation, though.

I did thoroughly love it.  Northwoods WI is lovely.  I’m itching to get back to the Hidden Lakes trail and do the whole 15 mile loop around Franklin and Butternut lakes.  It was just beyond me this go around.  Maybe in the fall…  The sugar maples will be brilliant then.

We borrowed a canoe from some friends and I got out in the dusk with Ron and dog.  Yes, Elliott learned how to get in and out and to ride in a canoe.  He only took a header into the river once. We had planned on a day out on one of the little lakes for our final day, but my health had taken a header too.

We didn’t eat dinner out once.  Not one single time.  Our cottage by the river had a little kitchen and we cooked and grilled. We had planned on one nice dinner out, but it didn’t happen – and I don’t feel like I missed anything.

I tend to do this on vacations – sick or not.  I’ll have the big list of cool stuff and will intentionally not do something on the list.  I like to spend a chunk of time in one area and leave something unexplored.  Whether I go back or not, there’s always something left that would be fun to do.

I leave myself wanting more – and yet I don’t feel like I’ve been shortchanged at all.  Not even cutting it short by a day.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  Another luxury of home early from vacation is being able to take things slowly.  Sick + Pacing = Moving Forward.


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