Significant Stuff

August 7, 2010

Morning rituals.  Coffee, dog gets the paper, read the paper.

That’s what I work for.

Wherever I go, I re-create that ritual in some fashion or other.  Morning coffee and a quiet sit.  I do believe that I’m part of a harmonic convergence around the world.

Here in the northwoods, there’s no newspaper.  But, there is a camp chair outside the cottage, coffee and a view of the Eagle River.  This morning, there’s the added excitement of a loon diving for fish.  Whenever Mr. or Ms. Loon dives, Ron adds the “bloop” sound effects.  Nothing too abrupt, of course.  This is the vacation version of morning ritual, after all.

Whatever form it takes, it’s usually gentle.  It’s the move from sleep to the day.  That requires honor and care.

Across this wide river, there are private homes.  They’re tucked in the trees and mostly only evidenced by the docks that dot the shore.  This morning, while having my camp chair coffee, I spotted a little rhythmic movement in the trees.  Ah!  Someone on a swing chair, looking out on the river with his newspaper.

I’m with you bud.  Only, this is vacation.  Dog, yes.  Newspaper, no.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… Peace and serenity


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