Significant Stuff

August 1, 2010

I farted off a lot of the day yesterday playing a hidden object game called Ravenhurst.  I guess it was time to immerse myself in a 47 year old female version of World of Warcraft.

Playing hidden object games is a cathartic experience.  Time stands still and before I know it, there’s 3 hours of my life I’ll never get back.  And, I don’t care.  It’s delightful.  I had a to do list yesterday too.  Granted, it was blessedly brief but I did most of it.  Somehow.  Funny, but I’m actually a bit less clear on my non-computer game memories of yesterday than on how I managed to find the pretzel in the picture.

Even though I didn’t embrace the personal joys of computer games until my 40’s, I think I’ve caught on to the whole joie de vivre.  It was classic.  I ended up with an open bag of salt and pepper kettle chips and a sweating glass of diet cherry Pepsi on my desk.  That’s the closest I get to Cheez Doodles and Mountain Dew.   Oh, and my glass was on a coaster.

Before I started playing, I located the cheat and printed it.  Double sided, to save paper.  I hate getting hung up on puzzles and it’s not what I’m into the game for anyway, so I came armed.

This whole thing is indicative of my life arc.  The ‘traditional’ order of things isn’t of great concern.  When it’s time to explore something, that’s what I do.  Perhaps it’s because I raised myself and then didn’t have kids of my own.  I have 2 step-daughters and they’re amazing people.  It frankly makes me rather giddy that they’re in my life.  I get to attach to a couple other fierce humans and didn’t do any of the work.  Sweet.  Kind of like getting to download the ‘marrying a man with kids’ cheat.

It doesn’t matter when something appeals to me.  I feel no constraints or prohibitions – not that come to mind immediately, anyway.  They’re probably there, but I bet that the ‘whatever’ wouldn’t appeal to me if it was going to be in conflict with my internal parameters.  For example, I’m not interested in bar hopping.  Never have been.  So, no big deal that I’d find it hard to reconcile.

Currently, compared to the old me, I go to a lot of live theatre, I hardly make it to movies, I leave the t.v. on during the day for companionship and I don’t automatically assume that all middle-aged white men are assholes who have ruined all our lives.

I feel no desire to attend large festivals – I really hate crowds – go figure! – but I adore creating them and then chatting with people who come.  I still love to hike in the woods with my dog and my husband.  I still pack candles and means to make coffee in my room when I travel.

And, I play computer games.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  Most of all, I find deep, abiding joy in life.  I play.  So many of my friends are great at playing.  It’s inspirational.


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