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July 27, 2010

What’s your creative outlet?

Me?  I have this urgent need to make stuff up.  Making stuff up only increases this sense of urgent need.  I need to make up more stuff.  It’s like there’s this monkey on my back dressed like a writer.  It’s got this ink-stained tunic on and is waving a plumed pen.  Okay, so my monkey affects a particular time period.  Go figure.  My monkey is also carrying around it’s own soap box from which it can pontificate at will.  Or fling poo.

So, the more appropriate question is, what’s your monkey dressed like?

The little bugger screeches at me constantly.  It’s deafening.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… What a fun image.  Fun.  Sometimes that’s hugely necessary in order to be at peace with the screeching.  Yeah.


4 thoughts on “July 27, 2010

  1. Can’t see the monkey for all the things he’s buried under: yarn, fabric, pens, pencils, crayons… Is that a packet of seeds you’re waving around under there, l’il guy?… Be careful for that can of!… Paint. Yeah. Good thing you don’t know where I’ve stashed the Dremel, right. Hahaha…. Oh dear.

    In short, too many things inspire, but not enough time or attention to devote to any one thing to get it started, much less achieved.


  2. Love creative writing–I remember in grade school we’d have to draw a piece of paper out of a hat. Each paper had a word on it. Then we’d have to write about it (in German… ’cause I went to German Immersion) and if we had no hat to draw from, our teacher would ask us a question and everyone had to write their own interpretation… similar to your post today. Inspiring. My monkey on my back I’m going to guess is more like a Lionhead Bunny (my last name means Bunny in German in fact) and I do hair, so wherefore a fluffy bunny… and my bunny is wearing Suzy Q swing shoes 40’s style, wearing a smock, carrying around paints. Bouncy… kinda’ quiet… fluffy… dancerly… eats lots of vegetables 😉

    Thanks again!! 🙂 Always love your creative posts here.


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