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July 26, 2010

Two of my biggest customer bases for the ghost tours?  Young men looking for something to do on a date and women looking for a girlfriend getaway.  It’s an almost even split – women leading by only 3 tours.

Okay, not to totally profile, but some of the people (mostly men) who bought the tour are serious about paranormal investigations and are scoping me out.  They will quickly find out that I’m not a threat to their dominion in the field.  I’m a storyteller.  This is a tour.  It’s much more, “If this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium” than “Okay, lights out.  Time to begin the investigation.”

I get the 2nd demographic.  That’s me.  That’s who I designed these for.  The first demographic, though?  I’m at a total loss.  What the heck do I understand about young men looking for something to do on a date?  Zipkus, I tell you what.

I’m sure that my demographic (middle aged women) is equally as mystifying to them.  And yet, here we are.  I’ve created something that they want.  They’ve got a girlfriend who watches Ghost Hunters and want to give them something special.  My tour fits the bill.

What’s significant about this?  If you’re a business person, you get it.

Regardless of the endeavor, I need to understand who it appeals to versus who it’s designed for.  The best scenario is that it’s aligned.  Sometimes we find out that it’s not.  Then, there are decisions to be made.  Alter the product or alter the marketing.

This applies to the ghost tours and to Shakespeare in the Park.  What also applies to both is that this is the work that’s done the other months of the year.  It’s not glamorous, but there’s an art to it.  This is my art.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  We all need to find our art.  We all need our creative outlet.  I really need it.


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